Award & Scholarship

  1. 1.  Awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship: to do a 2-year MSc at Strathclyde University.
  2. 2. Achieved equal highest marks at MSc and recommended for a transfer to PhD.
  3. 3. Awarded an Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS), David Livingston Scholarship and Charles Wallace Award to do PhD at Strathclyde University.
  4. 4. Awarded 100% for software project at 3rd yr BSc level at Heriot-Watt University.
  5. 5. Current research in to interactive distance education through television/video and mobile applications has led to awards ofthree Swedish SPIDER fund of 900,000 SEK projects with support from Ümeå and Örebro Universities. The second project is 90% complete while local government permissions for the third project are being sought.